Daily Breeze: City accelerating Redondo Beach pier, waterfront makeover

City accelerating Redondo Beach pier, waterfront makeover

By Douglas Morino, Staff Writer
Posted:   06/03/2012 05:29:45 PM PDT

Daily Breeze: City accelerating Redondo Beach pier, waterfront makeover  -- Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach

Years in the making, an ambitious plan to dramatically remake the iconic pier and waterfront area in Redondo Beach is moving forward.

A search will soon begin for a private developer that city officials hope will re-energize the area and turn it into a high-profile, regional attraction.

The project could bring in as much as $100 million in new private investment, city officials said.

“Our goal is take it to another level – or at least a few levels higher,” Redondo Beach City Councilman Steve Aspel said. “We’re looking for high-end, well-financed developers who want to heavily invest in the pier and harbor area. We’re not looking for T-shirt and toe ring shops. We want somebody that will attract locals as well as tourists and people from all around L.A.”

City officials announced in December the start of the revitalization project, approving $2 million worth of city-funded upgrades to common areas and a new restroom and ticket building at Seaside Lagoon. The facility was completed in May.

Also under construction is a new $2.5 million harbor patrol facility in King Harbor, expected to be completed in August…

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Jim Caldwell
Redondo Beach

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Jim Caldwell has over 26 years of experience in the public safety sector in occupations ranging from professional ski patrol, and ocean lifeguard to firefighter. Jim has worked for the Redondo Beach Fire Department for the last 22 years holding successively higher positions of responsibility. For the last six years, Jim has held the rank of Engineer with responsibility for driving and operating the Department’s Engines and Tillered Aerial Ladder Truck. Throughout his career, he has shown a dedication not only to public safety but also community service.
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