Panel: Aegean yacht skippered by Redondo Beach man ran aground on island

Aegean yacht skippered by Redondo Beach man ran aground on island

By Douglas Morino, Staff Writer
Posted:   06/12/2012 10:51:56 AM PDT
Updated:   06/13/2012 11:36:51 AM PD

Deepening the mystery surrounding the fatal crash of a racing yacht based in Redondo Beach, an investigation has determined the ill-fated boat ran aground on the rocky shore of a Mexican island.

However, the daughter of the vessel’s captain is protesting the findings released Tuesday by US Sailing, the sport’s governing body.

Aegan Crash, Redondo Beach crew members - Jim Caldwell

The Aegean, a 37-foot Hunter sailboat, sank April 28 in waters near the Coronado Islands, a chain of four rocky islands lying about eight miles off the Mexican coast. The crash claimed the lives of all four crewmen aboard the vessel, which was moored in King Harbor.

The independent panel announced Tuesday that it concluded the yacht ran aground on North Coronado Island. The announcement comes as the U.S. Coast Guard continues to investigate the crash.

But Anna Mavromati, daughter of the yacht’s captain, Theo Mavromatis, said her family believes the findings are premature and not accurate…

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For additional information on this story checkout the with these posts on the GPS course of the Aegan (post 1 and post 2).

Jim Caldwell
Redondo Beach


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