Daily Breeze: Marina del Rey dredging project to replenish Redondo Beach shoreline (Topaz)

Kristin S. Agostoni

Sediment clogging the entrance to Marina del Rey’s main channel soon will be scooped up, shipped south and piped onto Redondo Beach, where it will help extend a narrowed section of shoreline.

Since April, a massive clamshell dredge floating off the marina has collected sand and loaded it onto barges bound for the port of Long Beach, which needs the material for a harbor redevelopment project.

Marina del Rey dredging to Topaz in Redondo Beach, Daily Breeze - Kristin S. Agostoni - Jim Caldwell Redondo Beach

The project – which will last about 40 days – calls first for depositing roughly 85,000 cubic yards of marina sediment into water depths of 30-50 feet near the Topaz Street jetty.

Residents and beachgoers can expect to see a large, flat-bottom vessel called a scow transporting wet sand to the area, county beaches and harbors officials said. It will make drops twice a day near the jetty, each taking about 30 minutes to complete.

“That’s a natural depression that will store the material for future replenishment projects,” said Cesar Espinosa of the Department of Beaches and Harbors, the dredging project’s sponsor.

The focus then will shift to a section of narrowed beach between the Topaz jetty and Ruby Street, he said. There, about 75,000 cubic yards of sediment will be pumped onto the sand from a barge anchored 1,000 feet off the coastline. The sand will travel through an underwater plastic pipe at a daily rate of 2,000 cubic yards – or the equivalent of 200 daily dump truck loads, county officials said.

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Jim Caldwell
Redondo Beach

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Jim Caldwell has over 26 years of experience in the public safety sector in occupations ranging from professional ski patrol, and ocean lifeguard to firefighter. Jim has worked for the Redondo Beach Fire Department for the last 22 years holding successively higher positions of responsibility. For the last six years, Jim has held the rank of Engineer with responsibility for driving and operating the Department’s Engines and Tillered Aerial Ladder Truck. Throughout his career, he has shown a dedication not only to public safety but also community service.
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