Daily Breeze: Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final flight excites Los Angeles fans

By Kristin S. Agostoni Staff Writer

UPDATE:  Space shuttle Endeavour’s trip from Florida to LAX delayed one day

Michael Ripley wants to be in one of two places Thursday for the space shuttle Endeavour’s planned trip to Los Angeles atop a Boeing 747 shuttle aircraft carrier.

The semi-retired commercial photographer, who has followed the shuttle throughout its nearly 20-year career, plans to either watch the Endeavour take off from Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert or join a crowd along a hilly El Segundo street overlooking its final destination: Los Angeles International Airport.

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Needless to say, it’s an event the Corona photographer can’t miss. And it will only happen once, given that the Endeavour next month will officially retire at the California Science Center. | Interactive timeline of the history of the Space Shuttle Endeavour

“Once it arrives here and goes up to the Science Center, that’s it,” Ripley said last week as he and a handful of other aerospace enthusiasts scoped out the best vantage points of LAX’s south airfield from Imperial Avenue in El Segundo.

“I think that it’s great that L.A. ended up with this because it’s such a significant part of the space program and what California represents to the space program.”

The Endeavour should get a big welcome both when it arrives in Los Angeles on Thursday and when it makes a 12-mile trek on surface streets starting Oct. 12 from LAX and wrapping up the next day at the Science Center in Exposition Park.

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And Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final flight excites Los Angeles fans.


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