Back Pain and Spinal Stretch

portable back traction, Spinal Stretch, sciatica, sciatic pain, spinalstretch, dr. david starr, back pain, back pain reliefAre you looking for a easy and affordable way of relieving back pain?

Do you have sciatica or back spasms?  Low back pain an issue?

Spinal Stretch may be your perfect solution!  Using it is simple.  Just a few minutes a day.  Most people notice a difference within a week.  If your experience is anything like my brother and mine, within a couple of weeks of using Spinal Stretch, you will feel noticeably better.

What does noticeably better mean?  Your back no longer is telling you ‘No’ when you think about lifting even the lightest of objects.  Or that sciatic pain, that almost crippling pain that makes even the simple task of walking difficult is relieved.  The idea of playing 18 holes has become an enjoyable experience again.

So what is Spinal Stretch?  Spinal Stretch is an affordable, spinal traction or decompression system that is so easy to use, you can use it your own house by yourself.  If you can lie down, you can use Spinal Stretch.  If you talk to your doctor, he will call it a low back traction unit.

portable back traction, Spinal Stretch, sciatica, sciatic pain, spinalstretch, dr. david starr, back pain, back pain relief

Shows the difference between a healthy disc and a degenerative (unhealthy) disc. Using Spinal Stretch allows the spine to open up to allow the flow of nutrients and water to replenish the nourishment necessary for healthy discs.

Spinal Stretch’s design is so effective that one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons and spine specialists, Dr. Charles Burton, started using it in his clinic.

Spinal Stretch was invented by Dr. David Starr.  Having practiced chiropractic in Redondo Beach, CA for decades, Dr. Starr has spent years researching for an affordable solution of not only overcoming low back pain but  something that would assist in hydrating the disks between the spine.  Hydration is one of the keys to healthy disks and a healthy back.

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