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The (ex) spy among us: Christopher Boyce carves out new life in Oregon

By Sheila G. Miller 11/22/13 The (Bend) Bulletin On crisp fall days so common in Central Oregon, Chris Boyce likes to take his falcon out to open lands and watch him soar. After spending more than two decades surrounded by … Continue reading

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EasyReader: Buckley follows straight line to Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race victory

Alene Tchekmedyian September 13, 2012 Adam Buckley was still seven miles short of the R10 buoy, off of Palos Verdes, when the crew of the Disappearance was ready to concede the race to him. Disappearance was the lead boat in … Continue reading

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Contra Costa Times: Redondo Beach boat Voyager gets an early start on watch for blue whales

Sandy Mazza 08/10/2012 Peering over the top deck of the Redondo Beach-based Voyager, 7-year-old Michael Botros was impressed: “Oh my God!” he shouted. Michael was watching three minke whales lunch on shrimp-like krill a few miles from shore Friday afternoon. … Continue reading

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SoCal BiPlane Rides cruise the South Bay

Lesley Carter’s Bucket List, or lesleycarter.wordpress.com, has a cool piece on bi-plane rides in SoCal.  They fly out of Carson airport, cruise around Redondo Beach and the Peninsula.  Rides can be for the adventurous, scenic or even lessons. Have a … Continue reading

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