Things to do in Redondo Beach

If you are an outdoors person, like myself, you will invariably end up down at the beach.   Decent chance you will find me there, working out, surfing or playing some vball.

But here are are some things to visit…

Check out the Redondo Beach Performing Art Center.  They have great concerts, plays and speaker series.  Here’s the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Calendar.

For the runners, every year around Superbowl time is the Redondo Beach 10k.

Redondo also has pretty cool library.  Check it out some time.  Its right next to Redondo City Hall on PCH.

When you are here, check out King Harbor.  The picture above is called the Whaling Wall on the old Southern California Edison generating facility down at the Harbor.  (This picture was taken by good friend Fred.)

While your down there, check out the Redondo Beach Pier.   Maybe grab a drink and watch a sunset at Old Tony’s on the Pier.  They have a great place to hang out in crows nest.  If you are up for some night time music, check out the Brixton and their Dive next door.

Every year we have the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival.  You have to check it out at least once in your life.  It towards the end of September  every fall.

If you are looking for a place to workout while your down there, there are a couple of choices Spectrum Clubs or Gold Gym.  Their is also a new place in the Village called Riveria Fitness.

Here’s a link to Village.  If you are there during Halloween, make sure you check that out.  The young kids have a great time.

Also check out Hopkins Wilderness Park.   You can be in the wilderness and its only minutes away.

Oh, in the summer time, check out Veteran’s Park, right next to Redondo Beach Pier.  They have summer time concerts.

Also during the spring and summer, Redondo Beach Yacht Club and King Harbor Yacht Club have racing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, respectively.

If you need a great chiropractor, check out Dr. David Starr.  (He just moved so the address has yet updated.)  He invented SpinalStretch.  My brothers rave about that.

Looking for a couple of hotels in Redondo Beach, check out the Portofino and the Crown Plaza hotels down at King Harbor.

Oh, and if you like volleyball, check out a match at Redondo Union High School.  They have had a lot of good players come out of there.

Anyways, hope that helps on what to do in Redondo Beach.  Jim Caldwell