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Hi, this website is sort of an all things Redondo Beach.

If you are looking for a great place to eat, check out my restaurant reviews of the places I like to eat in Redondo.  They are all good, from the inexpensive to the moderately expensive.

Looking for something to do or places to go in Redondo Beach, check out my page on Things to do in Redondo Beach.  There are even places many Redondo residents haven’t been, too.  One of the coolest things about working for the Redondo Beach Fire Department is we have to check out and know where everything is, not matter how high we have to look.

Jim Caldwell on Redondo Beach Aireal Ladder Truck

Jim Caldwell on Redondo Beach Aireal Ladder Truck

Check out the different sections of photos.

There is the Gallery which can be any picture, in and around Redondo Beach.  I also have some great shots of King Harbor, Harbor Sunsets and the Sea Lions of King Harbor.  There are some really cool shots of Redondo Beach sunsets.

Redondo Beach King Harbor Sunset, Jim Caldwell

Redondo Beach King Harbor Sunset

Also, RedondoBeachCA.wordpress.com has a news feed dedicated just for Redondo Beach news.  The news is along the right hand column of every pages.

I will keeping adding stuff all the time.  If you see me around town, let me know what you think.

Jim Caldwell from Redondo Beach